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Christianity is one of the most diverse religions in the world and it is vital that RE teachers understand the complexities and nuances of the diversity within its history. These resources offer a mixed overview of both the early Christian Church and the diversity of belief in modern day Christianity.

The early Church

Christian History: An Introduction

by Alister E. McGrath, published by Wiley-Blackwell, (2013), 9781118337806

This book offers an exploration into the development of Christianity through different global contexts, including Latin-America, Asia and Africa, rather than focusing only on western concerns. The author's ability to provide insight into the history and development of culture within the early Church provides a fresh perspective. The book explores the impact early Christianity had on politics, society and individual persons. With its engaging style, scholarly approach, and comprehensive coverage, it serves as an excellent resource for anyone interested in understanding the roots, development, and enduring influence of the Christian faith both for teachers and students. 

The Roman Catholic Church

Christianity: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith

by David Albert Jones, published by Family Publications, (1999), 9781871217292

This book offers a concise and accessible overview of the beliefs, history and practices of the Catholic Church. Jones begins by providing a historical context, tracing the origins of Christianity and its evolution into the Catholic Church. The book delves into the life and teachings of Christ, emphasizing the importance of his death and resurrection as central tenets of the faith. It is an invaluable starting point, whether you are new to Catholicism in your teaching, a student who has never studied Catholic belief before, or are seeking to refresh your understanding.

The Protestant Church

Protestants: The Faith That Made the Modern World

by Alec Ryrie, published by Viking, (2017), 9780670026166

This book is an enlightening exploration of the Protestant movement and its profound impact on shaping the modern world. One of the greatest strengths of this book is its comprehensive scope. Ryrie takes readers on a journey through centuries of Protestant history, beginning with the Reformation and extending to the present day. He examines key figures, movements and ideas that have shaped Protestantism, while also considering its interaction with political, social and intellectual development, making it the perfect text to support students' understanding of this branch of Christianity.

The East and Western Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church

by Timothy Ware, published by Penguin, (1993), 9780140146561

This book covers a wide range of topics, including the historical development of Orthodoxy, its liturgical worship, sacraments, spirituality and the role of icons in the Orthodox Church. The author presents complex theological concepts in a clear and understandable manner. Ware provides historical context, explaining the differences between Eastern and Western Christianity and the schism between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. Throughout the book, Ware highlights the continuity of Orthodox tradition and its deep roots in the early Christian Church, making it a perfect read for students and teachers wanting to develop their subject knowledge.

Further materials

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