RETEACH is a new free-to-use resource providing teachers with user-friendly guides written by subject experts. We aim to help you introduce fresh perspectives, challenging ideas and diverse thinking into topics you either already teach or would like to introduce into your curriculum offer. These resources have been developed by teachers and writers who are specialists in key curriculum areas collating relevant materials in carefully curated reading lists, saving you time when planning your teaching.
If you teach History at Secondary level in the UK, RETEACH is for you. You might be looking to fire the imaginations of a KS3 group, find new ways into GCSE or N5 topics or unearth interesting subject matter for EPQs. Whatever level you teach at, we are here to save you time and support you to inspire your pupils with resources on curriculum-based topics which reflect the changing world around us.
History is the first subject we are resourcing, but our goal is to support teachers across further curriculum subjects very soon – you can find further details about our future plans and how you can be part of them here.