What is RETEACH?
RETEACH is a free-to-use initiative providing teachers with user-friendly resource guides written by subject experts. We aim to help you introduce fresh and broader perspectives, challenging ideas and diverse thinking into topics you either already teach or would like to introduce into your curriculum offer. These resources have been developed by teachers and writers who are specialists in key curriculum areas and signpost relevant materials saving you time when planning your teaching. 

To ensure that we can support your teaching in the most effective way we can, we will try to adapt and improve our offering according to your feedback and requests for support. If you are looking for support resourcing a topic not already included on the site or would like to produce a list we would welcome such requests: please contact us at contact@reteach.org.uk and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Who is RETEACH for?
If you teach History, Geography or Religious Studies/RMPS at Secondary level in the UK, RETEACH is for you. You might be looking to fire the imaginations of a KS3 group, find new ways into GCSE or N5 topics or unearth interesting subject matter for EPQs. Whatever level you teach at, we are here to save you time and support you to inspire your pupils with resources on topics which have emerged as needing a new perspective or are being newly introduced to your curriculum as a response to the changing world around us.

As you know, students are exposed to a variety of viewpoints in their daily lives through online media and are engaged by being presented at school with a range of perspectives which reflects this. RETEACH offers teachers a quick and easy way to do so. 

Whether you prefer to find new resources from established writers and fellow educators to prepare engaging lessons, or you’re looking for immediately usable content to explain contexts, provide real-life examples, or make traditional topics more engaging, you are in the right place.

We recommend that the audiovisual clips linked to each reading list are initially viewed by a teacher, and only shared with students at the teacher’s discretion, as some content is suitable for teacher research rather than for use with your pupils in class/online. 

Who runs RETEACH?
RETEACH is supported by the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), a non-profit writers’ collective whose members receive fees from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) for the use of their works in schools, such as through photocopying and scanning of books. These payments help to support writers in the process of creating new and updated educational works. 
Each subject’s lists are reviewed by a Content Board, whose members ensure that all chosen topics are explored in a sensitive and sensible way, and potential new perspectives are considered.

Who checks the content?

A Content Board made of leading educators meets periodically to review the content and assess its accuracy and appropriateness as our knowledge evolves. 
These subject experts also contribute by suggesting new topics to explore and new perspectives to investigate, according to their specific areas of interest and expertise.
As we value a plurality of viewpoints, any other educator is always welcome to contact us to suggest potential themes, arguments and feedback.
Is the content free?
Yes, the reading lists content on the website is freely accessible by teachers working in schools that are covered by a CLA Licence. The Department for Education buys a CLA Licence on behalf of all state-funded schools and most independent schools in the UK also hold a licence. The income generated by the CLA Licence plays an important role in supporting educational writers and allows them to create new resources for teachers and pupils. By offering RETEACH as a free resource as part of the CLA Licence, ALCS aims to support both writers and teachers as part of a sustainable and mutually beneficial model.  
You can find more information about the CLA licence here.

Can I access the books directly?

You can access the books directly and copy up to 5% of each title per class per year if your school is in possession of a physical copy and is covered by a CLA Licence, all through the CLA's Education Platform
The Education Platform allows you to share high quality publisher original extracts from books and magazines with students digitally, to help support their learning objectives. What’s more, by using the Education Platform you help ensure content creators such as authors are paid fairly for their work and can continue to create great content to the benefit of you and your students. 
On what terms are the Audiovisual clips made available?
The BBC clips linked to the reading lists are accessible by teachers working in schools that are covered by an Educational Recording Agency (ERA) Licence; you can find full details about the ERA licence here. Please note that the playing of an ERA clip is only permitted to the extent that your school holds a current ERA licence.  Most educational institutions in the UK are covered by an ERA Licence, and you can check whether yours is among them here
ERA is a non-profit organisation representing the rights of content producers and creators such as screenwriters, directors and musicians. ERA supports and strengthens education via a simple, cost-effective licensing scheme which provides educational institutions at all levels of education with the licence to use resources obtained from broadcast materials (both on television or radio) in their classrooms, whether in person or online. The income generated through the Licence is distributed to content creators through ERA’s members, including the ALCS. This scheme allows creators to produce more rich and diverse material which can be readapted for educational purposes.
Why do I have to use my institutional email to sign up?
For the reasons outlined above we need to ensure that new subscribers teach in schools that are covered by the CLA and ERA licensing schemes before allowing them to access the content lists. The vast majority of UK schools hold CLA and ERA licences, so it is highly likely that your institution is covered.  
Can I contribute a resource for the site?
We are always interested in finding fresh teaching perspectives and new material for the website. If you would like to contribute a teaching resource please contact us at contact@reteach.org.uk and we will get back to you with the details.
Do you pay for contributions?

Yes, currently we can offer a fee ranging between £100 and £150 for each resource that is used on the site, depending on the resource.

Will you be adding resources for other subjects?

Yes, we will add further subjects in the coming months. To be the first to hear about the new resources, register as a user and we will email you when the new subjects are up. If you wish to contribute to the creation of new subjects, please get in touch at contact@reteach.org.uk outlining your area of expertise and we will get back to you with the details.

Where can I send my feedback on the site?
We welcome any feedback or queries you might have about the resources you have accessed, the range of resources on the site, or on using the site itself. Please contact us at contact@reteach.org.uk.

Users need to obtain the necessary permissions to perform text and data mining, computational analysis or to develop or train artificial intelligence using the BBC Content included in the relevant reading lists. For further information please contact contact@reteach.org.uk.