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Finding suitable resources about pre-history can be difficult. Stonehenge is sometimes included only at KS2, which is a pity – it is one of the most important sites in the world. Many theories have been debated about the nature of Stonehenge and its purpose. These resources will allow KS3 students the opportunity to investigate and assess the arguments for themselves.

An introduction to Stonehenge

Your guide to Stonehenge, plus 12 fascinating facts you might not know

published by BBC History Extra, (2021)

This illustrated article is an excellent, easily accessible look at Stonehenge. It explores the site’s history and evolution and offers twelve fascinating facts (such as that Stonehenge is not a ‘true henge’). Students could create a mock website for a new Stonehenge visitor centre or design a poster providing information on Stonehenge to be displayed around school to engage a wider audience, using the ‘12 interesting facts’ section.

An in-depth theory about what Stonehenge looked like and its purpose

Stonehenge: Temple Cipher Roof

by Sarah Ewbank, published by Chadshunt, (2020), 9781838061708

This beautifully illustrated book suggests an interesting theory in answer to the question ‘Was Stonehenge a just a stone circle, or was it a building?’ A landscape architect, Ewbank offers excellent explanations to support the theory that Stonehenge had a roof. Students could critically evaluate the claims in the book and debate the theory’s validity, which offers the perfect opportunity to apply their critical thinking and higher-order thinking skills. They could also develop their own theory on what Stonehenge looked like and its original purpose. 

The wider context

Stonehenge: The Story of a Sacred Landscape

by Francis Pryor, published by Apollo (reissue edition), (2021), 9781838933333

This book places Stonehenge in the wider cultural context. Pryor, a distinguished archaeologist, offers a rigorously researched history of the monument and explores how people have interpreted the site from the earliest times to the present day. Students could explore the arguments in this book about the future of Stonehenge.

Audiovisual clip

Europe: A Natural History - What was Stonehenge?

published by BBC, (2007)

An insight into the history of this famous site.

Further Materials

The Battle of Stonehenge: what to know about the controversial £1.7bn tunnel project, published by The Week, (2021) Read this article
History of Stonehenge by Susan Greaney BA MSc (Oxon), published by English Heritage Read this article
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